Is Jesus front and centre?

Porsche, the German luxury sports car company, has been criticised for airbrushing a statue of Jesus out of a recent promotional video celebrating 60 years of its iconic 911 model. The video was shot in Lisbon and shows a Porsche 911 in the foreground with the famous Cristo Rei landmark in the background. The giant statue of Jesus was erected in the 1950s to express gratitude because the Portuguese survived the horrors of World War 2 as the country was officially neutral. Following many complaints Porsche has restored the statue to the video.

Jesus towers over all other historic figures. His impact on the world is unparalleled. He is an inspiring figure for all people, especially younger people, to follow. He never courted popularity. His life and teaching were counter cultural. He challenged his contemporaries and challenges us today. The values he taught and exemplified speak powerfully into the emptiness of our contemporary western world. Knowing him delivers us from anxieties about our identity and the mental health problems which many experience today.

Jesus came from heaven to earth in order that we might have abundant life. He was not committed to promoting his own interests but to seeking the eternal good of others. His life was lived amongst ordinary people. He was born in a stable to a young married couple. When he was a baby, and his life was in danger, his parents took him to safety in Egypt. The family were asylum seekers before returning to the small Galilean village of Nazareth. He learned carpentry skills from his father and worked alongside his father in Nazareth. His father died during those years so Jesus cared for his mother and brothers and sisters.

At the age of 30 he began a wonderful 3-year-ministry during which he healed many people, fed the hungry and even raised the dead. Crowds flocked to hear his teaching which had the authority of truth and was life-giving. He was falsely accused and condemned to die on a cross. His death was the final, perfect sacrifice for human sins. On the cross he prayed, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” On the third day he rose from the dead, as he had told his disciples he would. His victory over death gives a sure and certain hope of going to heaven to all who put their trust in him. Wise people airbrush expensive luxury sports cars they can never afford out of their thoughts but make sure that Jesus is in the front and centre of everything they do.

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