Be still

No other generation has been bombarded by words, both spoken and written, as we are today. Newspapers and magazines provide news and comment on current events. Television 24-hour news channels communicate information from around the world. Chat shows and phone-in programmes offer the opportunity for people to express their views. Social networking enables millions of people to publish information about themselves. People send and receive text and WhatsApp messages from family and friends. Many struggle to cope with the increasing volume of emails at work and at home. In every sphere of life word processors churn out long and complex documents. The internet provides vast quantities of information. No wonder many of us find little time to stop and think and reflect.

Yet amongst all these words there are very few that really matter and that significantly impact our lives. However, some words can really make a difference. In the Bible God has communicated his truth to all people in every generation. Through reading the Bible, millions of people have discovered truth by which they can live and a Saviour whose amazing love they can experience. The words of the Bible have a wonderful depth and calm authority because they are God’s words.

A minister was visiting an elderly lady who belonged to his congregation. She was recovering from major surgery and was confined to bed. The minister asked her what she had been doing that day. She said, “I have been thinking about those words in Psalm 46, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’” Today I have been thinking especially about the words “Be still.” That day they talked about how, in the busyness of life, we don’t find time to be quiet and think about God.

The next time he visited the lady she told him she had been thinking about the words “and know” in the same verse. They talked about the privilege of knowing God personally. On the next visit they spoke about the words “that I” and reflected on the fact that God’s is an eternal person. Then on the fourth visit they spoke about the words “am God” and rejoiced that God is all powerful and is able and willing to help us. That one short sentence from God’s Word had wonderfully spoken to this lady’s heart and assured her of his love and care for her in a time of weakness. How good it is for us all to find time, amidst the noise and rush of life, to be still and to listen to what God says.

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